Violent LGBTQ+ Activists Attack Women’s Rights Activist at Rally

In a news story that exposes the radical and violent nature of the transgender movement, a British women’s rights activist and founder of the “Let Women Speak” campaign, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, was attacked by LGBTQ+ activists in Auckland, New Zealand, over the weekend. It is disturbing to learn that Keen-Minshull’s rally was sabotaged by 2,000 violent counter-protesters, indicating how intolerant and aggressive these groups can be towards traditional values and opinions. The rally aimed to create awareness about women’s rights issues and the need to acknowledge the biological differences between men and women.

Keen-Minshull, also known as “Posie Parker,” was drenched with tomato juice by a supporter of the LGBTQ+ movement which proves how aggressive and violent these radical protestors can become towards anyone who does not bend to their whims or share their radical views. Keen-Minshull’s life was saved by her security detail, and she expressed her deep gratitude for their timely intervention. Her tweets articulate the shock and fear that she felt during the attack and are a wake-up call to those who are still unaware of the dangers of the transgender movement.

This unruly demonstration was promoted by the pro-LGBTQ+ lobby, who referred to it as a “TERF” event, which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” – a cheap label to discredit women’s rights activists who refuse to give in to their extremist agenda. These protestors falsely claim that they are fighting against discrimination and injustice when they promote harm and violence against anyone who questions their beliefs.

The violent attack on Keen-Minshull has evoked sympathy and support from notable figures, including renowned author J.K Rowling, who publicly criticizes the transgender movement for its regressive stance on women’s rights issues. Her tweets challenge Auckland Pride’s statement, calling it a “baseless rumor,” which confirms that there were indeed multiple videos of Keen-Minshull being attacked.

It is disheartening to see how a peaceful demonstration of women’s rights can provoke such violent reactions from the transgender lobby. Such an attack is unacceptable in a civilized society, and it is time for governments to take measures to protect free speech and the safety of peaceful protestors who want to express their views without fear of retaliation or abuse. Let us stand by Keen-Minshull and others who are fighting for women’s rights, which are being trampled upon by the transgender movement.

Written by Staff Reports

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