Submarine Secrets: Trump’s baseless accusations from Smith’s witch hunt

Special Counsel Jack Smith just can’t seem to let go of his obsession with former President Donald Trump. In yet another desperate attempt to discredit Trump and hinder his 2024 presidential campaign, Smith has now shifted his focus to a ludicrous allegation involving a highly secretive submarine program.

According to the New York Post, Smith investigated whether Trump shared classified information about the United States’ submarine capabilities with Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt. Yes, you heard that right. Smith actually wants us to believe that Trump spilled the beans about our submarines to some random billionaire.

Now, we all know that the submarine community is known as the Navy’s “silent service” for a reason. Their operations rely on secrecy and discretion to ensure the safety of our sailors and national security. So to suggest that Trump, a man who values strength and security, would blab about nuclear warheads and submarine tactics is beyond preposterous.

Of course, Pratt, the so-called whistleblower, claims that Trump detailed the number of warheads carried by our submarines and even divulged how close they can get to Russian submarines undetected. But let’s not forget that this is the same Pratt who made a habit of spreading this alleged secret among Mar-a-Lago employees, journalists, and even Australian prime ministers. Not exactly the behavior of someone entrusted with sensitive information, is it?

It’s important to note that Pratt himself admitted that Trump didn’t share any government documents with him during this supposed conversation. So if nothing was actually exchanged, what is Smith even investigating? This is nothing more than a baseless smear campaign designed to tarnish Trump’s reputation and distract from the real issues plaguing our country.

Naturally, Trump categorically denied these absurd allegations, dismissing them as “false and ridiculous.” And he’s not wrong. We’ve seen this playbook before. Smith and his fellow Trump-hating comrades will stop at nothing to undermine the former president, even if it means peddling in wild conspiracy theories.

It’s clear that this investigation is nothing more than a desperate attempt to keep Trump in their crosshairs. Smith has been probing various allegations for years now, yet he has failed to bring any concrete charges against Trump. Perhaps it’s time for him to accept that there is no wrongdoing to be found and move on to more pressing matters that actually affect the American people.

In the meantime, let’s not fall for Smith’s partisan witch hunt. We cannot allow his biased investigations to overshadow the successes of the Trump administration. It’s time to focus on the future and support leaders who prioritize the interests of the American people, rather than those who seek to destroy their political opponents through baseless accusations.

Written by Staff Reports

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