Trans Women’s Hormone Therapy Linked to Higher Health Risks!

Researchers who released a new study in the European Journal of Endocrinology found that transgender people who take hormones that change their gender are much more likely to get serious health problems, like heart disease. The study looked at health information from 2,671 transgender people in Denmark who were in their early to mid-20s and compared it to information from a control group of 26,700 people. Transgender men and women were both more likely to get heart disease than cisgender people, the research showed.

It was 93% more likely for transgender women taking estrogen to have heart problems than for cisgender men taking estrogen and 73% more likely for cisgender women taking estrogen. In the same way, transgender men who took testosterone had a 2.2 times higher risk of heart disease than cisgender men and a 63% higher risk than cisgender women. The transgender study participants most often had heart problems related to high blood pressure and abnormal blood fats.

This study brings up important questions about how gender-affirming hormone treatments will affect people in the long run. Hormone treatments may make you more likely to get autoimmune diseases and inflammation by making you gain fat mass and lose lean body mass. These results put light on the possible risks that transgender people face when they try hormone treatments.

It worries me that left-wing groups and lawmakers still back letting kids get transgender surgeries that can't be undone. Vanderbilt University Medical Center's participation in using children for research surgeries in order to make money is very upsetting. That's why GOP Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance has taken a stand and introduced a bill to stop transgender surgeries on children. It should be very important to keep young Americans from having to deal with pain and sorrow for the rest of their lives.

Written by Staff Reports

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