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Supreme Court Investigation Intensifies Justices Request Phone Records

When it was revealed that a draught opinion from the Supreme Court had been leaked to the public, Americans were stunned. Republicans, on the other hand, were stunned that the document had been released. Democrats, despite this flagrant violation of the law, used the scandal to try to persuade the Supreme Court to reverse its Roe v. Wade decision.

Demonstrating their support for a crime that jeopardised our court’s integrity. Among the other justices, Chief Justice Roberts was enraged that someone would try to sabotage the court’s work. He launched an investigation to find the leaker, alleging that he had broken obstruction of justice statutes.

The probe has now progressed to a new level.

The search for the person who leaked the draught opinion earlier this month that suggested the Supreme Court would soon overturn Roe v. Wade is intensifying at the Supreme Court.

Authorities are reportedly ordering law clerks to disclose cell phone information and sign affidavits, according to CNN.

According to the article, some clerks are so concerned about the new request that they are considering hiring their own outside counsel.

The court’s action is unprecedented, and it’s the most significant publicly publicized development in the investigation into who gave Politico the draught opinion that was published on May 2nd. [Just the News] is the source for this information.

To be honest, I’m amazed nothing has been done sooner. It’s concerning that this leaker hasn’t yet been identified, dismissed, or penalized. It indicates they’re still at work in the Supreme Court, which could jeopardize other cases.

The court’s latest move is an attempt to reveal the leaker’s agenda. You have to question why Politico, the publication that released the leaked draught, has remained silent. Isn’t it reasonable to expect them to know who supplied them this draught? They don’t have any information to share, do they?

I’m surprised the FBI and the Department of Justice haven’t issued warrants for Politico’s conversations. At the very least, the court is going to great lengths to discover this leaker.

In actuality, this leaker should probably just hand himself in. To make things easy, he (or they) should disclose themselves. They’ll almost certainly be praised and protected by the leftist media. It’s better to make it public now, so that the country and trust in the court can be restored.

How do we know there won’t be another leak till then?

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Bearded People.

Written by Staff Reports

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