Ted Cruz Says Hunter Biden Probe is a Prelude for Indicting Donald Trump!

The Justice Department's leaks about the investigation of Hunter Biden, which involved allegations of drug and tax violations, were a prelude to filing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, according to Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican said on Fox News that the Justice Department wanted to show how even-handed it was. That's politics, not law enforcement.

The Justice Department leaked last month that it was planning on indicting President Joe Biden's son Hunter. These leaks are worrying, as the department should refrain from leaking anything, the senator added.

Hunter Biden is a troubled soul, and he has struggled with addiction all of his life, noted Cruz. The Justice Department's focus on tax and drug issues is not helping the public understand why this matter is important. If he was a regular person struggling with addiction, this would not be a public issue.

The investigation into Hunter Biden is a matter of national concern, noted Cruz. There is evidence that shows that he was actively involved in his father's corruption.

According to Cruz, the Ukraine-based company Burisma paid Hunter $83,000 a month, and his father was actively involved in helping the company's owner. Hunter Biden had no knowledge about the oil and gas industry, and he was being paid by an oligarch who was represented by his father.

In China, Hunter and his family made over $5 million, which included 10% of what Joe Biden was earning. The Justice Department apparently doesn't care about the big guy, as it only focuses on drug matters. This is very concerning, as it makes it seem like one poor person is struggling with addiction.

In his new book, entitled "Justice Interrupted," Cruz talks about how the left has taken over the country's legal system. He claims that former President Barack Obama used the FBI, CIA, IRS, and DOJ to attack political enemies.

Cruz claims that hard-core political groups worked against Trump before he became president, and they are now out in the open due to Joe Biden's administration.

This is the most corrupt and political department in the history of the US.

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