WATCH: Ted Cruz SMACKS Hunter Biden With Hilarious Burn

As reported by NextNewsNetwork, Ted Cruz delivered a very funny and straightforward statement about the state of the economy during his fiery speech.

Joe Biden failed America and his son Hunter. He made things so expensive that Hunter now can’t afford to buy the things he loves.

According to the Western Journal, Cruz visited the campaign trail of New Mexico Republican Congressman Yvette Herrell on Monday night. During his speech, the audience members were very excited and motivated.

Eric Swalwell, who is an activist for the anarchist group known as Antifa, delivered a very clever and elegant zinger against Hunter Biden, a Democratic representative from California. He noted how bad inflation under Joe Biden has been.

Cruz is known for his outspokenness when it comes to issues that are affecting Americans. Last month, he accused Democrats and Biden of playing the racial card when it comes to the southern border.

Ted Cruz is a pitbull who is constantly attacking the left for its hypocrisy. He works tirelessly for the American people and shows them how the lies being spread by the media are affecting them. With the upcoming elections, we have a great chance to elect more conservative voices such as Yvete Herrell to Congress. These individuals will help put an end to the madness of the Biden administration and bring more conservative voices to Washington DC.

Written by Staff Reports

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