TERRIFIED Liz Cheney Wants to Block Trump from Appearing on TV

Liz Cheney, who is currently serving as Nancy Pelosi's puppet, said on "Meet the Press" that the Jan.6th committee will not allow former President Donald Trump to address the country.

When Chuck Todd, a well-known liberal "journalist", asked her about the committee's subpoena of Trump, she said that the former president would not be able to appear live before it.

Not suprisingly, Cheney could not provide an honest explanation as to why the committee decided not to allow Trump to appear live. However, she noted that the committee did not want to turn the proceedings into a food fight.

The members of the committee are terrified of having Trump live on air. They know that Trump is a popular figure among Republicans and conservatives.

They also know that the committee has no plans of conducting a substantive investigation. Instead, it has hired a high-powered producer from the television industry to make its proceedings more palatable to the American public.

They also know that Trump, who was a reality television star, would be bringing his arguments with him.

The committee has been trying to convince the public that the Jan. 6 incident was an attempt by the then-president to destabilize the country. However, it was not an attempt to put American democracy at risk. It was a passing storm that was not capable of destroying the country's constitutional republic.

The committee has been largely shielded from the negative effects of the mainstream media, which has been biased against Trump. The segment of the country that is not concerned with Trump Derangement Syndrome has viewed the committee's proceedings with disdain.

A Trump appearance would destroy the committee's reputation. It would also greatly affect the country's large portion of the population, which supports Trump. It would explain what his presidency means to the people of the country and the establishment.

Written by Staff Reports

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