Texas Eschews Gun Control, Safeguards Kids with Solid Solutions Post-Uvalde Tragedy

Following the tragic incident in Uvalde, Texas, the state legislature has rejected the gun control agenda promoted by the left and implemented a sensible solution to safeguard students. Rather than restricting gun owners' rights, the legislature has implemented a law that places schools under armed guard and implements other security measures.

In Texas, every school district is required to have an officer with a concealed handgun. This can include school marshals, school resource officers, and peace officers. Having an armed security presence on campus can help prevent potential attackers from entering a school.

Implementing the law has been a bit challenging due to the lack of resources and the difficulties in attracting and hiring qualified candidates. House Speaker Dade Pate said that the governor will call a special session in order to address the funding issues faced by school districts.

Texas' new law places more emphasis on school security than on ineffective gun control measures that are being promoted by the left. Making it harder for would-be attackers to carry out violent acts will result in them being stopped before they even get carried out. It's time to prioritize pragmatic solutions over politically-motivated restrictions.

Written by Staff Reports

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