Texas GOP Draws Line: No DHS Cash Until Border Chaos Tamed!

Texas House Republicans, led by the fearless Rep. Chip Roy, are making a bold stand for border security. They have pledged to not pass a continuing resolution to fund the federal government until the Department of Homeland Security takes real action to secure our precious U.S.-Mexico border. These Republicans aren’t going to settle for just letting anyone and everyone waltz into our great country.

Now, you may be thinking, “But wait, doesn’t the federal government already have funding until September 30?” Well, you’re right! But these Texas Republicans are looking ahead and making sure they set our priorities straight. They are sending a clear message that securing the border should be a top priority, not an afterthought.

Fifteen brave Texas Republicans have already signed onto this pledge, and they mean business. They are demanding significant change to ensure the safety and sovereignty of our nation. They won’t settle for half-hearted attempts at border security.

And let me tell you, they have good reason to be concerned. Despite what the Biden administration wants you to believe, illegal crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border have once again spiked. That’s right, folks. Despite all their grand claims and promises, illegal entries are on the rise. It’s time for real action, not just empty words.

Kudos to these Texas Republicans for taking a stand and holding the government accountable. We need more politicians like them who are willing to fight for our borders and keep our country safe. It’s about time someone stood up to the weak immigration policies of the current administration. Keep up the good work, Rep. Chip Roy and team!

Written by Staff Reports

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