The Blue States Are Having Difficulty Adjusting To The New Republican Strategy

On Monday, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee informed the general public that some migrants who are seeking asylum and are currently being bused from Texas to various locations in the United States are instead alighting from the bus at earlier stops in Chattanooga and other areas.

Blackburn claims that some of the migrants are "threatening" the bus drivers and asking that they be allowed to get off the bus so that they can go to communities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants across the United States.

Blackburn added, What we've heard is that they're threatening the drivers from time to time, and they want to get where their pals are. They want to get where their friends are, Blackburn said. In their minds, this is a secure way to go across the country, if you will. And naturally, sanctuary city policies such as those imposed by several large cities around the country, these enormous blue metropolises, not in Chattanooga but in others have established – cartels have been able to set up shop.

She went on to claim that gangs have their own hubs where they run their sex-trafficking operations.

Officials in the states of Texas and Arizona have been transporting foreign asylum-seekers from the southern border to more populous northern cities like Washington, District of Columbia, and New York for a considerable amount of time now in an effort to draw attention to the critical problem of migrants arriving on a weekly basis. The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has invited the mayors of the cities that are being affected to travel to the border in order to have a personal look at the problem, but the mayors have declined and instead continue to call for assistance from the federal government.

Many people are under the impression that migrants who have been taking buses in Texas are going to locations further north in the state. According to a story that was broadcast on Friday by WTVC-TV, a local news station in Tennessee, Chattanooga has become a stopping point for charter buses transporting migrants from Texas to locations around the East Coast. It appears that a few of these migrants got off at a petrol station in Rising Fawn, Georgia, and their intention was to walk around 40 kilometers till they reached Chattanooga. An employee of McDonald's reported that after getting off one of the buses, a group of migrant youngsters began panhandling and asking strangers for money so that they could continue their journey to Florida.

The migrants have been instructed by the authorities to remain seated on their respective buses until they arrive at their final destination.

Blackburn asserts that the vast majority of the migrants alighting from the bus were young guys. Second, he went on to argue that the policies that President Joe Biden has in place contribute to the problem of illegal immigration by providing opportunities for human traffickers to take advantage of people who are making the trek to the United States.

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