Seven Doctors Dead In 14 Days Falsify. Killer Covid Vaccine

Seven doctors died from July 13-28. Five deceased doctors in Toronto? 14 doctors died in 9 months? And they were all young.

These headlines grab you? It's true. Confirmed. Fact. It all happened in 30-million-person Canada (one tenth the size of America).

In Canada, they love Covid. The administration is insanely brutal. You can't live normally without vaccinations. You can't shop, eat, fly, or practice medicine in Canada.

Even two Covid shots don't count as vaccinations. Nope. Canada requires four immunizations. 4th jab (which is the 2 nd booster). Irrelevant

resisting. Canada arrests peaceful protesters. It's no ordinary arrest. They may take your car, bank account, and dog. Canadian truckers will confirm.

Canadians are all immunized. No choice if you want to avoid arrest, keep your money, dog, job, and social status. I hear a country song.

All Canadian doctors are quadruple-vaccinated. Indeed. They can't practice medicine and keep their jobs without quadruple jabs. FACT.

Five young doctors died in Toronto within days. FIVE.

Seven Canadian physicians died in 14 days.

In the past nine months, 14 Canadian doctors perished. My hero Steve Kirsch wrote about this.

Lifelong Democrat and $20 million donor Steve switched to the GOP over vaccine injuries and fatalities. He notices. Despite donating $20 million to Democrats, he attempted calling them about vaccine deaths and injuries. His calls went unanswered. He recently discussed it on Tucker Carlson's show.

Dead physicians again. Young deceased doctors. What's this? Never in my lifetime. I doubt it's ever happened. Maybe during the Middle Ages' Black Death Plague. We should call Covid "Black Death II."

Did you know these dead physicians? No way. Media silence. Five deceased doctors in one city shouldn't constitute news. Seven deceased doctors in one small country in 14 days? Uninteresting. Continue.

Canadians panic. Social media noise got so loud that a Canadian newspaper ran a piece. Five young doctors died in a few days at a Toronto hospital, according to a newspaper report. They cautioned against jumping to conclusions. No vaccination was involved.

No. Bill Clinton never slept with her. Biden says there's no recession. Biden says inflation is 0 Afghanistan's withdrawal went smoothly. Authorities always speak the truth, right?

What's wrong? Vaccine kills, maims, and disables hundreds weekly. US deaths are at an all-time high. Many victims die "suddenly" and "unexpectedly" They're in practically every obituary today.

It's called SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). One day they're healthy, and the next they die in their sleep, during a business meeting, while swimming, driving, or playing sports.

Last week, a Saudi Ambassador died on-camera during a speech.

And the cancer epidemic. Cancers rare. Rapid-growing tumors. Fourth-stage malignancies. They're all recently vaccinated.

Is this normal? Never before? The government knows. Knows CDC. Insurers are panicking. They know. Honest doctors know, but they're afraid to go public. Big Pharma knew about the fatalities and injuries in vaccination trial data they hid for 75 years.

It's a disaster. Before there are no doctors left, halt the vaccine. Who will treat millions of vaccine-injured victims? Consider.

Seven deaths in 14 days don't lie.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

Written by Staff Reports

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