The FBI Has Not Raided This List of Left-Wing Criminals

Americans are still reeling from reports that the Biden administration authorized a raid on Donald Trump's Florida resort.

People couldn't believe what they heard, but the raid shows how Democrats are becoming more radical and determined on harming Trump and his allies.

The dramatic raid on Mar-a-Lago showed the FBI's duplicity by favoring select offenders. The federal government ignores crimes perpetrated by Democratic-affiliated far-left organisations.

It's baffling

Who's avoided an FBI raid?

"Laptop From Hell" is in DOJ custody since 2019. The laptop reveals Hunter's illicit activity and Joe Biden's knowledge of his son's foreign business operations.

Hillary Clinton is accused of deleting or destroying thousands of emails that reveal her role in concealing up unlawful lobbying by the Clinton Foundation. The FBI let her go.

Marc Elias, a Democrat's lawyer, helped create the "dossier" used to investigate Trump and his campaign. His misdeeds went unpunished.

James Clapper and John Brennan fueled the Russia fabrication by suggesting Hunter's "Laptop from Hell" was "Russian Disinformation" that will damage the 2020 election.

Adam Schiff initiated Trump's first impeachment by spreading misleading information about his Russia ties. He used the now-debunked Mueller report to justify spying on Trump and his legal team. Schiff hasn't taken any Judiciary Committee action yet.

Eric Swalwell: Top Democrats have Yellow Fever after cavorting with Chinese spies.

Kamala Harris: While left-wing domestic terrorists burned down major American cities in 2020, Harris, then a senator, funded an organization that bailed out Black Lives Matter rioters.

Even leftist states have warned Black Lives Matter against exploiting their charitable status. FBI and DOJ have taken no action to stop the broad movement.

Comey and McCabe leaked secret material on Trump to the media, but the FBI didn't charge them. Since then, they've made millions from speeches, books, and TV appearances.

Federal agents have unnecessarily HARRASED Trump and his allies. Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon have all been investigated by the FBI.

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Written by Staff Reports

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