Washington Post Is Mocked by the Liberals of TikTok

On the topic of cancel culture, we have written quite a bit. It will result in the destruction of American society in its current form.

Cancellations are less of a problem in this country thanks to the efforts of a large number of people who are prepared to put in the laborious effort required.

We saw this play out this week when the well-known "Libs of TikTok" account was targeted by the Washington Post and their "technology reporter" Taylor Lorenz. They believed that by exposing the person behind LoTT through the use of doxxing and a heavy reliance on questionable "information" provided by the liberal cyberattacks at Media Matters and German-government-funded "open source projects," they would be able to effectively cancel the account.

But things moved from bad to worse really rapidly. We stated that LoTT was not able to get a good night's sleep and that the account obtained a significant number of new followers in a short amount of time. In just one day, they earned the following of nearly 125,000 new people. They currently have a following of more than 307,000 people and are very close to reaching one million.

Their following number is currently 939 700 at this time. My guess is that they'll cross the one million mark by the time the weekend rolls around.

Because of LoTT's continues exposure of radical leftist educators using TikTok to publicly brag about their brain washing techniques on young children in public school classrooms, LoTT will not only be able to entice hundreds of thousands more followers each day, but it will also be in a position to keep those followers. But now, thanks to Seth Dillon, CEO of the conservative satirical website "The Babylon Bee," which has been repeatedly threatened with cancellation by Big Tech and Big Media, LoTT's freedom to pursue what she loves most will also be possible.

Tuesday saw the completion of a private transaction between Dillon and LoTT.

In addition, Libs of TikTok just recently launched a website on Substack that brags about having thousands of paying subscribers. Clicking on this link will take you to additional information about how you may subscribe to the page and support it.

A platform known as Substack has made it very clear that it encourages the free flow of information and ideas.

The Washington Post should not be given a pass for the things it has done, despite the fact that LoTT has produced lemonade out of lemons. It is hoped that readers will continue to share their thoughts and feedback with the publication. Inform them of the process that they followed.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Republican Update.

Written by Staff Reports

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