TikTok Trends Dictate Biden’s Energy Fiasco!

In a recent interview on Fox News’s America’s Newsroom, journalist Salena Zito called out the Biden administration for turning to TikTok for environmental policy advice. Zito slammed the administration’s decision to put a hold on liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, suggesting that this move was influenced by the whims of TikTok users, rather than sound policy judgement.

Zito pointed out that relying on TikTok for political decisions is as ridiculous as getting your news from a talking parakeet. She emphasized that the Biden administration’s reliance on TikTok videos and pressure from young people to make decisions is not only discreditable but also dangerous for the American energy industry.

Furthermore, Zito highlighted the hypocrisy of Biden’s decision to pause LNG exports, stating that it contradicts the administration’s own climate change agenda. She underscored the importance of LNG as a safe and crucial means of transporting energy and emphasized that by halting LNG exports, the administration is undermining its own goals of promoting energy safety and security.

Zito also shed light on the concerns of Democrats who oppose the LNG pause, particularly those from states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. She noted that the LNG industry provides a significant number of jobs in Pennsylvania, with a whopping 72,000 direct jobs at stake. The impact of the pause on LNG exports extends beyond just American jobs, as it could also disrupt the international supply of LNG, affecting countries like Japan, which rely on the U.S. for energy.

In response to the Biden administration’s move, Senators John Fetterman and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania voiced their deep concern over the potential risk to energy jobs in their state. They emphasized the critical role that the natural gas industry plays in promoting U.S. energy independence and vowed to push the administration to reverse its decision if it jeopardizes Pennsylvania’s energy jobs.

In addition to the senators’ concerns, 10 House Democrats have penned a letter to President Biden, urging him to reconsider his policy on U.S. LNG exports. The collective pushback from both Republicans and Democrats underscores the bipartisan apprehension over the administration’s questionable decision-making process.

In conclusion, Zito’s critique of the Biden administration’s reliance on TikTok for environmental policy decisions serves as a stark reminder that America’s energy future should not be treated as a passing trend on social media. The consequences of hasty and uninformed policy decisions could have far-reaching implications for both American jobs and international energy supplies.

Written by Staff Reports

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