Liberals Burn Cash to Break Veteran’s Trust in Trump

A liberal political action committee (PAC) is planning to spend an astonishing $45 million to prop up President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats while trying to weaken support for former President Donald Trump among veterans. It’s like they just can’t let go of their obsession with Trump!

Now, we all know that Trump resonated with veterans during the 2020 election, winning their support by 10 points. But these liberal PACs have made it their mission to erase that victory by running ads attacking Trump over the Capitol riot and his tiffs with military leaders. They’re really grasping at straws here.

Jon Soltz, the chairman of this liberal PAC called VoteVets, seems to think that veterans are going to suddenly turn their backs on Trump because of these smear campaigns. He claims that Trump’s behavior shows a lack of respect for Gold Star families and law enforcement. But let’s be real, Trump has always been a strong supporter of our military and law enforcement. It’s just another attempt by the left to distort the truth.

And get this, VoteVets plans to spend $15 million targeting active-duty military families and veterans. They’ll be conducting polling, focus groups, and running all sorts of campaigns to try and sway their opinions. Talk about a waste of money! These liberals just can’t accept the fact that veterans are smart enough to see through their lies.

But it’s not just VoteVets who’s throwing money away. Other liberal groups like Future Forward and MoveOn are also spending millions to support Biden and the Democrats. They’re so focused on turning out their base that they fail to see that their policies aren’t resonating with everyday Americans.

Soltz even admits that Biden’s success came from “cutting losses” among certain groups, including veterans. So, instead of actually winning over these voters with their ideas and policies, they’re trying to tear down Trump’s strong support among veterans. It’s a sad and desperate tactic.

In addition to their efforts to boost Biden, VoteVets is also supporting vulnerable Democratic Senators and House candidates in battleground states. They’re throwing their money behind anyone who aligns with their liberal agenda, regardless of whether they’ll actually be effective representatives for their constituents.

It’s clear that these liberal PACs are trying to buy their way into political power. But no amount of money can make up for the fact that their ideas are out of touch with mainstream America. Veterans are smart enough to see through their propaganda, and they’ll continue to support leaders who actually stand up for our country and its values.

Written by Staff Reports

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