Top Democrat George Stephanopoulos Questions Biden’s Ability to Serve Another Term

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos has reportedly cast doubts on Joe Biden’s ability to serve four more years as president. Despite Stephanopoulos’ clear bias as a Democrat supporter, his recent comments suggest even he is questioning Biden’s capability to continue leading the country. In a candid moment with a pedestrian in Manhattan, Stephanopoulos allegedly stated, “I don’t think he can serve 4 more years.”

The video capturing this exchange, although not showing Stephanopoulos directly, has generated buzz across media outlets. The interview itself was hastily arranged in response to Biden’s lackluster debate performance against Trump, where he struggled to reassure voters of his cognitive abilities. Critics and even some liberal news outlets have begun to call for Biden to step down from his reelection bid, citing concerns over his fitness for office.

The pressure on Biden to withdraw from the race has been mounting, with even staunch supporters like Stephanopoulos expressing doubts about his capacity to lead. As polls show Trump gaining an edge over Biden post-debate, the president’s appearance at the NATO summit was closely scrutinized for any signs of weakness. While reports suggest Biden managed to avoid major errors during the event, his overall performance continues to draw skepticism from observers.

If the alleged remarks from Stephanopoulos hold true, it could signal a significant shift in support for Biden within Democrat circles. With the November election looming, Biden’s ability to maintain his candidacy amid growing doubts about his fitness for office remains a topic of intense speculation.

Written by Staff Reports

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