GOP Chair Comer Demands Biden’s Health Records or Threatens Subpoena

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, has taken a stand against the lack of transparency shrouding President Joe Biden’s health records. Comer has threatened to subpoena White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor if he does not willingly provide Congress with details regarding Biden’s medical visits outside of the White House.

Recent revelations from White House visitor logs have shown that a Parkinson’s disease specialist made multiple visits to the presidential mansion, sparking concerns about Biden’s health following his lackluster debate performance. The White House has refuted claims of any health issues, stating that the visits were part of Biden’s routine physical examinations.

Comer’s committee has raised further questions about O’Connor’s involvement in advising Biden’s brother, James, on a controversial business deal. The chairman emphasized the need for transparency, especially regarding any undisclosed medical treatments Biden may have received during his visits to Delaware or Camp David. 


The lack of comprehensive logs detailing visitors to locations outside the White House has fueled calls for greater transparency and accountability in Biden’s administration. Comer has made it clear that he expects full cooperation from O’Connor, offering the option of a voluntary interview or facing a subpoena if necessary.

The issue at hand, as outlined by Comer, goes beyond mere procedural matters and delves into the broader concern of ensuring the American public has a clear understanding of the President’s health and any potential conflicts of interest. The looming threat of a subpoena demonstrates the committee’s commitment to upholding accountability and shedding light on what they perceive as a critical issue affecting the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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