Top Dems Move To Keep Nancy Pelosi As Speaker Of The House

Top Democrats in the House of Representatives are urging Nancy Pelosi to stay in her position as the leader of the party in the next Congress.

Some of the prominent individuals who urged her to stay in office include Senate Majority Leader Chuck Hagel and President Joe Biden. Since the Democrats lost the majority in the House in the recent elections, the speaker has avoided making any public statements about her future plans.

On Sunday, the House Democratic leader said that she is not asking for anything from the people who urged her to stay in office. Instead, she said that she would like to focus on the 2022 election.

Chuck Hagel, the Senate Democratic leader, said that he would like to see Nancy stay in office. Biden also urged her to stay in office. In a phone call with her last week, he said that he hoped she would continue to lead the party in the next Congress.

According to reports, Biden called on Nancy to congratulate her on the Democratic Party's unexpected victories. He also said that he would like her to stay in office.

The decision on whether or not she would stay as the leader of the House Democratic Conference was complicated by the recent attack on her husband, Paul.

David Cicilline, a Democratic representative from Rhode Island, said that he expected Pelosi to have the support of the caucus if she decides to run for leadership. Henry Cuellar, a conservative Democrat from Texas, also said that he would like to support her.

Although some members of the Democratic Party are in support of Nancy, Pramila Jayapal, the leader of the House Progressive Caucus, said she did not think that she would be able to win the support of everyone in the party.

As the leader of the House Progressive Caucus, Jayapal said that she and her members would be looking for certain things from the incoming leaders. She noted that they would be carefully considering the various members of the party.

Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, said that there needed to be a new generation of leadership in the House. He noted that Hakeem Jeffries, the chairman of the Democratic Conference, would be a good leader for the caucus.

The Republicans are on the verge of securing the majority in the House, with just one seat needed to reach the threshold of 219. The next step in the leadership elections for the Democrats will be held on November 30.

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