Transgender Student Attacks Girl: The Dark Side of Inclusive Policies Exposed

In a shocking and disturbing video that went viral on X, a “transgender” student at Hazelbrook Middle School in Oregon was caught assaulting a female student. This incident has once again highlighted the dangers of allowing biological males to share spaces with females, regardless of their self-proclaimed gender identity.

The video, shared by women’s rights activist Riley Gaines, shows the transgender student violently attacking the girl, who can be heard pleading that she didn’t do anything wrong. In response, the transgender student arrogantly tells her not to touch him and calls her a derogatory name. The frightened girl even exclaimed, “I can’t breathe” as she was being attacked.

This horrifying incident raises serious concerns about the policies that allow transgender individuals to use the restroom or locker rooms of their choice. While it’s important to respect everyone’s individual rights, it is equally important to prioritize the safety and well-being of all students. Allowing biological males to enter female spaces puts girls at risk of physical harm.

It is outrageous that school staff and authorities did not comment on the incident, citing that it involves juveniles. This dismissal of accountability only perpetuates the idea that transgender individuals can act with impunity. We must hold all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, responsible for their actions.

It is high time that schools reconsider the policies they have put in place to accommodate transgender students. The unveiling of “unisex” bathrooms, which supposedly catered to the concerns of transgender individuals, seems to have failed in their purpose of providing a safe and inclusive environment. The needs of all students, both male and female, must be taken into consideration.

We believe in respecting everyone’s rights and individuality, but not at the expense of the safety and well-being of others. It is crucial that school districts across the country reevaluate their policies to ensure the physical and emotional security of all students. Biological differences cannot be ignored, and pretending they don’t exist will only lead to more incidents like this in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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