Trump Blasts Biden’s Competence and Harris’s Connections in July Fourth Message

Former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back on Independence Day, launching a scathing attack on President Biden and the radical left’s attempts to transform America. Trump took to social media to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July, including a jab at Biden’s competence and cognitive abilities. The former president also didn’t shy away from predicting a face-off with Vice President Harris in the upcoming election, dismissing Biden as unfit and Harris as a failed politician buoyed by her connections.

In his fiery post, Trump also targeted Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading the federal cases against him, mocking Smith’s track record of losing cases, including one famously overturned by the Supreme Court. The former president didn’t hold back in labeling the prosecutors working against him as corrupt and in cahoots with what he calls ‘Crooked Joe.’

Trump’s words were a reminder to his conservative base of his ongoing battle against what he perceives as a rigged political system led by inept leaders like Biden and opportunistic politicians like Harris. The former president’s brazen commentary serves as a rallying cry for those who align with his conservative values and anti-establishment stance, highlighting the deep political divide that continues to simmer in the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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