Trump Builds Suspense: Decision on GOP Debate Coming Soon!

Former President Donald Trump has made his decision on whether or not he will attend the first Republican presidential debate, but he’s keeping us all waiting until next week to find out. In an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, Trump revealed that he has already made his big decision, but wants to hold off on announcing it for now.

While chatting with Bolling, Trump weighed the pros and cons of attending the debate. One major sticking point for Trump is the requirement for candidates to sign a loyalty pledge. Trump made it clear that he wouldn’t sign the pledge, stating, “Why would I sign a pledge for people I wouldn’t endorse?”

Here’s where the drama gets interesting. Trump hinted that there are “three or four people” on the debate stage who he wouldn’t endorse, but he conveniently left out their names when asked. It seems Trump doesn’t want to insult these candidates, although he did mention that “a lot of people wouldn’t endorse” them either. Ouch!

But it’s not just potential endorsements that have Trump concerned. He also worries about facing “nasty questions” from low-polling candidates who are hostile towards him. Trump even speculated that if he decides not to attend the debate, people like Chris Christie and Mike Pence might call him a coward. Trump defended himself, saying it’s not about guts, but about intelligence.

Hold onto your seats, folks, because we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Trump will grace us with his presence at the debate. Until then, buckle up and get ready for some political fireworks!

Written by Staff Reports

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