Trump Discusses Tax-Free Tips at Vegas Rally as Lead Over Biden Grows

Donald Trump, who is the expected Republican candidate for president, spoke at a rally in Las Vegas about making tips tax-free for workers in the service industry. The event was held in Sunset Park, where the temperature rose to about 100 degrees. To combat the heat, the Trump campaign provided free bottled water, air-conditioned tents, and medical staff.

During his speech, Trump did not endorse a GOP candidate in the state’s Senate race, a crucial decision that could determine control of the Senate after the November elections. Even though he praised GOP candidate Sam Brown, Trump did not give a full endorsement before the primary.

Trump’s teleprompter malfunctioned during the speech, leading him to improvise and poke fun at President Joe Biden’s use of teleprompters. Trump jokingly imitated a confused elderly person on stage, which some attendees found humorous. He also made a statement about not paying contractors who do poor-quality work, suggesting that the media would misconstrue his words.

In the past, Nevada has been won by Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. However, Trump aims to secure Nevada’s support in the upcoming election, as he currently holds a lead of 5 percentage points over Biden in the state. This indicates a strong chance of victory for Trump in Nevada this November.

Written by Staff Reports

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