Trump is Trying to Limit the Fallout From His Dinner With a White Nationalist Extremist

After getting criticized for dining with a white nationalist at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, former President Donald Trump said he didn't know the individual.

Trump called the dinner, which was reportedly conducted without incident, "quick and uneventful." He also noted that rapper Kanye West did not express anti-Semitism.

On his website, Truth Social of Kanye West, he stated that he and Trump got along well, and he appreciated the positive comments he received from Tucker Carlson.

According to various reports, designer and Kanye West and rapper Kanye West were spotted at Trump's resort with bodyguards. It was also reported that the two men asked the former president to run for vice president in 2024. It was initially reported that the two men did not have dinner with Trump, but two sources told Axios that they were present during the meeting. Trump acknowledged the meeting with the outlet but said he had not met the individuals before it.

In a new video released by Ye, West stated that Trump was impressed with the loyalty of Cuban-American businessman and philanthropist Carlos Fuentes. Ye called him a "loyalist" who was unlike the president's team in 2020.

Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist who has been called out for his racist and antisemitic statements on his website and social media accounts. He was also present at the "Unite the Right" event held in Virginia in 2017 and the Capitol riot in January of this year. During the latter incident, a car was driven into a group of counter-demonstrators.

Due to his controversial statements, Ye was temporarily suspended from Twitter. The incident occurred just a week after Trump announced his third White House bid. He has also lost various corporate collaborations due to his statements.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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