WOW: Trump Investigation’s Special Counsel Is Married To A BIDEN DONOR

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions named Jack Smith as the special counsel to oversee the investigation into the activities of former President Donald Trump.

According to Garland, Jack Smith will be the special counsel who will determine if Trump should be indicted.

Due to his wife Katy Chevigny's connections to former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Smith's impartiality may come under scrutiny.

According to FEC records, Smith's wife, Katy Chevigny, contributed to the campaign of Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential race. She also worked as a producer for Michelle Obama's documentary, Becoming.

In a statement, Attorney General Garland praised Chevigny's husband, Jack Smith, as a veteran prosecutor who can handle cases related to his investigations.

As the special counsel, Smith will oversee the investigation into the activities of former President Donald Trump. He will also look into possible federal crimes related to these investigations.

After overseeing the investigations into Trump's activities, Smith will focus on another case. According to court filings, the special counsel is looking into whether anyone tried to interfere with the presidential transition after the 2020 election.

Another case that Smith will focus on is the investigation regarding the possible obstruction of justice. In court filings, the special counsel has stated that he is looking into the “alleged unauthorized access and use of classified information.”

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