Trump Issues MAJOR Warning in First Post-Raid Interview

According to history, the population is only capable of withstanding a certain amount of political unrest before it explodes into widespread revolt.

Because of the increasing instability and lunacy brought about by the ruling system, entire empires have been brought to their knees, political movements that had existed for decades have been wiped out, and the lives of millions of people have been lost.

Former President Donald Trump is actively working to avoid situations exactly like this one.

If you can believe it, President Trump is acting like a politician who genuinely cares about the safety, security, and preservation of the United States of America, in contrast to many of the animals who live in the D.C. Swamp that are now in power.

Trump issued a warning that years of fabricated scandals, misinformation, and countless witch hunts have infuriated a significant segment of the American population to the point that they are very angry.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump remarked, "People are so angry at what is taking place."

Whether you are a supporter of President Trump or not, you cannot deny that the Deep State has made countless attempts to bring him down while the American people have stood by in wonder. Due to the fact that he dared to challenge the established order, President Trump was subjected to increased scrutiny as soon as he entered the White House—and even before—and was restrained by various federal investigations.

Because "the country is in a very dangerous position," the former president of the United States advised that significant political shifts take place as soon as possible in the United States.

Trump declared, "I will do whatever I can to help the country" when asked about his level of cooperation and desire to assist the United States of America in escaping the nightmare. Trump is quoted as saying that "terrible things are going to happen" if the political "temperature" is not lowered.

And he's absolutely right!

Corruption, blatant political assaults, and propaganda can only be tolerated to a certain extent by the general population. If the corrupting influence of the D.C. Swamp continues, the protests that took place on January 6 will seem like the equivalent of a child's birthday party.

We as a nation have a dire need to tone down our hyperbolic vocabulary, our heated political viewpoints, and our incessant desire to be active in the workings of government.

The general populace is demanding that everything return to normal, as well as peace and quiet. We need a period of slumber comparable to that of Eisenhower – a moment when the majority of Americans are preoccupied with things that are more important than politics.

However, leftists will continue to adhere to their beliefs until the last end, despite the fact that America is being brought to its knees and suffocated by the excesses of progressivism.

Written by Staff Reports

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