Trump Joins TikTok, Outpaces Biden in Follower Count Rapidly

Former President Donald Trump is making waves in the world of politics yet again, this time by joining the popular social media platform TikTok. Within just 24 hours of creating his account, Mr. Trump amassed more followers than President Biden’s reelection campaign has gained since February.

This move has sparked concern within the Democratic party, particularly regarding their ability to energize and connect with younger voters, as Mr. Trump’s social media reach continues to expand. With a reported 175 million users in the United States, TikTok has become a crucial platform for reaching the youth demographic.

While some have raised concerns about TikTok’s ownership and potential national security risks, Mr. Trump has embraced the platform, amassing over 6.1 million followers with just one video. In contrast, President Biden has gained 374,000 followers since joining TikTok on Super Bowl weekend.

Mr. Trump has been vocal about utilizing TikTok to connect with young voters and showcase his vision for America, expressing confidence in his social media abilities. Although it remains to be seen whether Mr. Trump’s presence on TikTok will sway young voters, the opportunity to reach this demographic is significant.

According to research, over 60% of adults under 30 in the US use TikTok, making it a valuable platform for political outreach. Additionally, younger voters are more likely to view politicians favorably when they make nonpolitical social media posts, which helps them appear more relatable.

While President Biden outperformed Mr. Trump among young voters in the 2020 election, recent surveys have shown a narrowing margin between the two. It is clear that both political figures are vying for the support of younger voters, recognizing the importance of engaging with this demographic.

Written by Staff Reports

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