Trump Reveals NEW Item Seized By FBI That ‘Could Cause A Lot Of Problems’

On Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News' Sean Hannity's program to talk about various topics, such as the latest lawsuit that's been filed against him by the state of New York and his adult children. It's very strange timing for these kinds of attacks to be happening at this time, especially since it occurred right before the FBI raided Trump's property. It could be related to the midterm elections.

According to the conservative news outlet The Conservative Brief, during one of his appearances on the program, Trump talked about the raid that the FBI carried out on his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on August 8. He reportedly mentioned one of the items that the agents took, which he said could cause problems later on.

Trump returned to his property last Sunday for the first time since the FBI raided it. He took a look at the items that were taken by the agents.

During his segment, Fox News' Sean Hannity noted that the FBI had seized over 500 documents that were allegedly protected by attorney-client privilege. Before Trump mentioned one of the documents, he had already already mentioned about the other 500.

During his interview, Trump said that he was surprised by the raid and claimed that the FBI took his will. He also said that he asked where the documents were.

When asked about the documents, Trump said that they could cause problems if they get published. He then cracked a smile after joking with host Sean Hannity.

The interview with Trump was very interesting, as it came right after the New York Attorney General announced that she was suing the Trump Organization.

The state of New York has filed a lawsuit against Trump and his adult children, accusing them of various fraudulent business practices. According to Kyle Cheney, a legal reporter for the conservative news outlet The Daily Beast, the state's attorney general is urging the IRS and federal prosecutors to investigate the Trump Organization.

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