Tucker Carlson DISMANTLES Bill Barr’s Epstein Take

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, criticized William Barr, the former attorney general, for his assessment of the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

"According to Carlson, Barr was worried that people would not believe that Epstein committed suicide. He noted that the former attorney general worried that the conspiracy theories surrounding the incident would spread."

He was reportedly found dead on August 9, 2019, while he was in jail awaiting trial on charges related to sex trafficking.

A survey conducted in August 2019 by Rasmussen revealed that 42% of the respondents believed that Epstein was murdered. His lawyer said that during their last conversation, Epstein was reportedly upbeat.

According to Carlson, the Justice Department and the FBI did not issue a report regarding the incident. He also noted that many of the individuals involved in the investigation did not comment when contacted.

In 2022, Barr released his memoirs, "OneDamnThingAfterAnother."

"Over three and a half years following the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Carlson noted that there has been no accountability or answers regarding the incident. He cited multiple reasons as possible reasons for the lack of transparency."

"In response, Carlson criticized the reporters who didn't revisit Barr's assessment of the incident and put it against the basic principles of common sense. He said that if they did, they would see that the former attorney general's statement was incredibly dishonest.

In his book, Barr claimed that the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on Epstein ruled that he committed suicide. However, the initial cause of his death was not ruled as suicide."

Following a report of a suicide attempt in July 2019, Carlson noted that the security cameras in Epstein's cell were not working. He also said that the unit where he was being held was not able to be entered without a pass. He also claimed that an intruder could have entered the cell.

"Carlson noted that these are basic questions that are usually asked during an investigation. However, despite the lack of answers regarding the incident, the Justice Department still claims that it has an active investigation."

When contacted by the DCNF, Barr provided no response.

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