Undercover Exposé: Fetterman’s Anti-Gun Scheme

Luke Borwegan, a special assistant to Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) unknowingly spilled the beans on his boss’s radical anti-gun agenda during an undercover interview. In the interview, Borwegan boasts about his ability to manipulate the media while revealing that his boss is “okay with overturning the 2nd Amendment.”

As Borwegan praises the senator’s press team as a “work of art,” he states that “we can go tell reporters to f*** themselves and they can’t do anything because they need us more than we need them.” This attitude of arrogance and manipulation should be a red flag for the people of Pennsylvania.

The senator’s anti-gun rhetoric has been a longtime priority for Democrats. Senator Fetterman is quoted as being “100 percent for gun control,” supporting gun bans, red flag laws, and even the overturning of the Second Amendment. It is clear that Senator Fetterman believes that no one should have guns, and that the Constitutional right to bear arms should be eradicated.

During his campaign, Senator Fetterman faced criticism for his stance on gun control. Despite this criticism, he emerged victorious in the elections and is now in office. The undercover interview, however, reveals that he is willing to go to great lengths to push his radical agenda, even if it means manipulating the media and the people of Pennsylvania.

The people of Pennsylvania deserve a senator who is transparent and honest in their views, not one who is willing to use their power to control the narrative and deceive the public. It is clear that Senator Fetterman is not that representative. It is time for the people of Pennsylvania to take a stand and demand the honest and transparent representation they deserve.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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