University indoctrinates 5 year olds in “radical playdate”; promoting leftist ideology

The University of Pennsylvania seems to be on a mission to spread leftist indoctrination to even the youngest and most impressionable members of our society. The Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies program is hosting a “radical playdate” on April 15 for 5-through-9-year-olds to explore social justice, according to reports.

The university has announced a partnership with Colorful Stories, an organization that seeks to educate students about social justice through literature, to provide two child-care sessions focused on "skin color exploration" and "gender identity exploration." This "radical playdate" aims to instill in children a positive self-image and a respectful attitude towards others to help them navigate a diverse and intricate world. However, some may interpret this as the university's attempt to impose its left-leaning beliefs on impressionable young children.

The child-care sessions aim to broaden children's perspectives through observation and investigation, though the exact meaning of this is unclear. While the event is accessible to all, priority for attendance appears to be given to children whose parents participate in the university's Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies conference, which focuses on how "queer, trans and feminist imaginations" have contributed to the abolition movement.

The university's Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies program appears to be a closed community for adherents of left-wing ideology. While they assert their inclusivity, they only welcome those who share their beliefs regarding "gender and sexuality." This raises questions about the state of intellectual diversity and free expression in academic institutions.

It's appalling that they're focusing on children who are too young to comprehend socialism and leftism, and attempting to indoctrinate them with their left-leaning beliefs. What happened to the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy? It appears that universities such as the University of Pennsylvania are solely interested in propagating their extremist political views among the upcoming generation, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Written by Staff Reports

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