Biden Admin Fails To Secure National Security Information

The Biden administration is once again proving to be incompetent when it comes to national security. On Thursday, the FBI announced they had made an arrest in connection with a massive leak of sensitive information on Ukraine, Israel, and other U.S. allies. Who was the culprit? Shockingly, it was a 21-year-old employee of the United States Air Force National Guard named Jack Douglas Texeira. How on earth did someone so young and inexperienced gain access to the nation’s secrets? The Biden administration needs to be held accountable for allowing this to happen.

Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed that Texeira was arrested “in connection with an investigation into alleged unauthorized removal, retention, and transmission of classified national defense information.” The fact that he was able to continue this breach of national security for months before getting caught is alarming. The Pentagon claims to have “stringent guidelines” in place to prevent classified material from becoming public, but obviously, these rules were not enforced enough to stop this serious leak.

And it’s not just the incompetence of the Biden administration that’s concerning. The fact that online sleuths and news outlets such as The Washington Post and New York Times were able to focus in on a suspect before federal authorities is disconcerting. This shows that the Biden administration is not doing enough to monitor and secure our nation’s secrets. It’s time for a change in leadership that prioritizes national security and puts an end to these dangerous leaks.

Written by Staff Reports

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