US Navy’s future in jeopardy as ships and personnel dwindle, experts warn

According to experts, the US Navy is struggling to effectively carry out its role as the country's most vital tool. Issues such as a lack of resources and personnel are affecting its ability to carry out its tasks. It is also criticized for failing to maintain its fleets and plan properly.

The US Navy's failure to prepare for a potential confrontation in the Taiwan Strait has raised concerns among experts. Overstretched personnel could lead to significant losses during the initial stages of a conflict, and Congress is pushing for the Navy to expand its fleet.

According to experts, if the Navy does not address its various shortcomings, it will diminish its relevance to the nation. This includes its ability to deter and defeat enemies, respond to crises, and advance US influence. Timothy Walton, a Hudson Institute analyst, warned that failing to do so would be a mistake.

According to a report released by the Government Accountability Office, the Navy's mission and readiness capabilities decreased from 2017 to 2021. It also failed to deal with the issue of maintaining docked ships, causing a backlog of almost $2 billion. Other problems such as poor living conditions and insufficient sleep for sailors are contributing factors to the Navy's low morale.

Some believe that the Navy can address its various shortcomings by expanding its fleet. According to Brent Sadler, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a growing fleet would allow the Navy to maintain its retention rates and provide better deployment schedules. However, other experts noted that building more ships is not easy, especially since the US defense industry is struggling due to the situation in Ukraine.

Despite the various challenges that the Navy faces, experts agree that it is still important for the country to have a robust and effective Navy. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican senator from Alabama, stated that the Navy is in decline, and this issue must be corrected. The Navy is a vital part of the country's security, and its capabilities must be improved before it is too late.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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