Maya Flores STOMPS Biden’s ‘Open-Border Policy’ as Cartels Take Control

Republican Mayra Flores is calling out the Biden Administration for their “lax” policies on border control and immigration. Flores is concerned that the expiration of Title 42 will only encourage thousands of illegal migrants to enter the country without any repercussions.

The “open-border policies” that President Joe Biden is implementing will mean that dangerous cartels will be able to bring their drugs and their illegal migrants into the U.S. with ease. Since Biden took office, fentanyl overdoses and sex trafficking have skyrocketed.

“The cartels have been paid already, right? So they have an ‘obligation’ [and] they’re going to find another route and cross them into the United States illegally. It’s going to happen,” warned Flores in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Flores’ husband is a Border Patrol agent and she is urging the Biden administration to address the border crisis. She claims that the administration is refusing to take action because they want to keep using immigration as a political tool to gain Hispanic community support during elections—even though they ultimately disavow them.

Vice President Kamala Harris, also known as Biden’s border czar, recently blamed Congress for the ongoing immigration issue. However, Flores asserts that the buck should stop at the White House.

“The responsibility falls squarely on the Biden Administration and their refusal to take action to protect our southern border.”

As the southern border faces a historic surge in migrants trying to enter, Flores is hoping that the administration will wake up and start protecting the interests of American citizens. Otherwise, the crisis could spiral out of control.

Written by Staff Reports

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