VIDEO: You Won’t BELIEVE What Obama Just Said About the Media

Former President Barack Obama recently voiced his concerns about the growing number of Americans who are no longer accepting the left-wing media narrative as “a common set of facts.” During an interview with CBS News, Obama lamented the “splintering of the media” and how it has caused people to “almost occupy different realities.” He then went on to cite gun control as an example of what he wants Americans to accept as a “common set of facts.”

However, many conservatives are not buying into Obama’s narrative. They are pointing out that Obama is trying to push a false narrative and that he is using Australia as an example of gun control, even though the country had a mass shooting at a hotel over the sale of the property, not a school shooting.

It is clear that Obama is trying to push a left-wing agenda and is using the media to do so. He is trying to convince Americans to accept his version of “facts” without question. This is a dangerous path to take and one that should be resisted by all conservatives. We must not allow Obama and the left-wing media to dictate what we should believe and how we should think. We must be vigilant in questioning the narrative and in seeking out the truth. We must also remember that there are other sources of information out there and that we should always be willing to look beyond the mainstream media for answers.

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