Dem Rep. Insults Parents, Tells Them to ‘Shut Up’ About Their Education

In a shocking revelation, a Democratic state representative in New Hampshire has been caught insulting and belittling concerned parents who were advocating for better education policies. Tommy Hoyt, a state representative for Campton, reportedly told parents to “shut up” during a heated exchange over a proposed piece of legislation, Senate Bill (S.B.) 272. The legislation aimed to improve transparency in public schools and required teachers to inform parents if and how their children were expressing themselves in the classroom. However, Democrats in the legislature defeated the bill citing that parents were a “unique danger” to their own children.

But what excuse did representative Hoyt give to defend his grossly insulting behavior? He claimed that children’s test scores during the pandemic dropped due to the “incompetency” of their parents, who replaced certified teachers with themselves. According to Hoyt, parents should let teachers do their job without any input and not attempt to interfere with their children’s education.

It is appalling to see a Democratic representative resort to such language and insult parents who only want the best for their children. Furthermore, it is hypocritical of the Democrats to claim that parents pose a danger to their children and should not have access to information about their own child’s education. This is a clear violation of parental rights and an attempt to weaken the family structure.

Tommy Hoyt’s comments raise an important question: Is this the kind of rhetoric Democratic politicians have resorted to nowadays? It seems like they either think parents are incompetent or harbor evil intentions towards their own children. We need to ask ourselves: do we really want elected officials who insult, demean and dismiss parent’s concerns? It’s time to hold our elected officials accountable and to stand up for parental rights in education.

Written by Staff Reports

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