Warning! The FBI Is Now On The Hunt For Trump Supporters

Bullying Trump followers and allies has become the FBI's favourite pasttime since the former President is no longer a sufficient target for the organisation. The Department of Justice and the FBI have recently stepped up their attempts to persecute past presidents' associates by conducting home raids and carrying out search warrants.

The FBI has started intimidating Trump supporters in addition to politicians and well-known figures who favour the prior presidents.

The morning after the President delivered his "semi-fascism" address, FBI agents unexpectedly showed up at Lisa Gallagher's house, the New Jersey resident said.

Gallagher cannot be considered a Republican politician or an ally of the former President. Gallagher is a typical American voter who supports Trump and holds conservative views, just like the millions of people who supported the past President. The FBI still comes to threaten her, though.

Gallagher spoke about her experiences as a typical conservative American who supported the former President during an appearance on Tucker Carlson's Tonight on Monday.

Gallagher claimed that when she opened her door to discover FBI agents, she was horrified. She was frozen and unsure of what to do at that very moment. Even while she was aware that she had done nothing illegal, she was also aware that the FBI rarely paid people like her an unexpected visit.

Gallagher recounted having seen Biden's speech the day before on extremism and semi-fascism, so she knew for a fact that the FBI's visit to her home had to be connected to politics. After that show of power at the Mar-a-Lago raid, it is widely known around the nation that Biden now oversees the FBI.

According to Gallagher, the FBI agents said that they had information that she had been present at the Capitol event on January 6th from unnamed sources. Fortunately, she offered them a place to stay and provided an alibi. In order to prove that she didn't go to the Capitol on that day, Gallagher took out her calendar. One can only speculate as to where she would be right now, possibly imprisoned, if she had not logged her movements on the aforementioned day.

After two years, according to Gallagher's account, the FBI is still looking for suspects based on arbitrary information from unidentified sources. Is the FBI genuinely attempting to track out those who voiced their opposition to electoral fraud or is it merely attempting to frighten Americans who vehemently support the previous president?

America under Biden is developing a real fear factor. Nearly no distinction can be made between Biden's America and other fascist countries across the world. This new evidence suggests that opposing the government through demonstration may result in imprisonment. In Biden's America, backing the other party can potentially result in unimaginable outcomes. Americans could expect harsher authoritarian rules in the President's benefit even while the country is on the verge of collapse if the Democrats win the next presidential election.

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Written by Staff Reports

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