Watch Biden’s Latest Clueless And Embarrasing Speech

A large wave would have sent the Democrats a strong message. We all know that they would continue to lie and act anyway they pleased. However, they might at least make a public show of being somewhat repented.

Even with a slim majority, winning the House and Senate would be a big accomplishment because it would give us authority over the committees and effectively halt Joe Biden's legislative program. If we can accomplish that, we should be aware of how significant it is (and then we should ensure that Arizona, Pennsylvania, and all other states don't hold games where the outcomes won't be known for days).

At this point, Georgia will be a run-off with Walker having the theoretical advantage, while Nevada is looking like a pickup (although for sure Democrats will throw everything against the wall to get him). Therefore, that's most likely a 51, but we'll see. People are disappointed that we didn't win more, which is reasonable, but it's vital to recognize what we have achieved thus far and what we still have a chance to accomplish.

Even Guam and Miami-Dade switched parties, and in New York, where we won seats, we defeated Sean Patrick Maloney, the chair of the DCCC, and Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who won the closest contest for a Republican in the traditionally blue state in 20 years. You don't have a bigger wave, and I'm not sure how you manage it. The issue isn't abortion, otherwise Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and other pro-life candidates wouldn't have won with such a resounding victory. The swing of Hispanics toward Republicans was significant. In Florida, Republicans won, with DeSantis winning by over 20 points and Abbott crushing the odious Beto O'Rourke. We even managed to convince Stacey Abrams to concede the Georgia governor's race to Gov. Brian Kemp.

But one of the key themes from the exit polls was that people were dissatisfied with the country's course. I don't see how you can think that way and not just kick Democrats out of office. But when that happened, my first impression was that the Democrats would not be adequately humbled by the outcome. Because they believe they haven't been held accountable and there aren't enough repercussions, they would believe it was okay to keep doing all the awful things they have been.

Exactly that is what Joe Biden is saying right now. He appeared to view Democrats' inability to win back every vote as a "win", claiming that a wave wasn't generated.

Have you noticed how suddenly "democracy" doesn't seem to be in danger any longer? That's funny how that works.

Although we can't say for sure yet, it appears that the Republicans may take both the House and the Senate. 51 in the Senate and 218 in the House are predicted, as seen at the bottom of the chyron. We'll have to wait and see how it develops.

So, did Biden learn anything as a result? He was questioned by a reporter about the one topic on which everyone seems to agree—that the nation was heading in the wrong path. The way Biden responded made it clear that he was only claiming to have learnt something.

How awful is that response? He's going to blatantly keep going in the awful direction he's been heading.

Americans who supported Democrats or were duped into thinking Biden had accomplished something through his deceitful tactics about oil and gas are about to experience a nasty awakening. Get ready for the price of oil and gasoline to rise once the Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases cease. The rail strike that Biden postponed? That might occur now, during the holiday season, in December. Additionally, there is a diesel shortage right now. Get ready for all of it because it will happen.

They don't care because their focus was on gaining as much ground as possible for the midterm elections, and they are furthering their position for 2024. But if they don't remove him, Biden will be on the ballot. And he will be the subject of a referendum by the populace.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

Written by Staff Reports

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