WATCH: Rand Paul Plans to Go After Fauci After Being Re-Elected

After winning his third term in the Senate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul vowed to end the COVID cover-up. He said he would force Anthony Fauci into court.

According to Paul, he would focus on investigating the evidence that emerged from a lab and whether or not the findings were manipulated.

Senator Paul joked that his re-election would lead to Fauci’s retirement party. He promised that the COVID cover-up would come to an end. He also said that he would investigate the source of the funds used for the dangerous research conducted in Wuhan.

During his speech, Paul also talked about the importance of liberty. He said that everyone should be able to enjoy their own freedom.

He also called for an end to private censorship.However, he said that the government should not be involved in the production and dissemination of false information. To protect free speech, Congress should stop working with Big Tech.

He also criticized the Right and Left for failing to prevent government from creating organizations that look like a Ministry of Truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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