Democrats Begin Working To Stop Biden From 2024 Bid

It looks like the Democrats are still not in favor of keeping the executive branch in 2024. Even though the "red wave" had already started to subside, it would appear that they still aren't ready to give up on their chances.

Fox News reported that a group calling itself "Don't Run Joe" has started generating momentum in an effort to convince the Democrats to abandon their plan to pick a vice presidential candidate from the Biden family.

In a press release, the organization RootsAction claimed that it was clear that Joe Biden would not be the party's presidential nominee in 2024.

The group's goal is to point out that Biden's unfavorability and the risk of running against a major Republican candidate are some of the factors that prevent him from becoming the party's nominee in 2024.

The group noted that Biden would be making a tragic mistake if he decided to run for president in 2024. He would not be able to secure the party's nomination due to his unfavorability, and he would face a tough fight if he decided to run.

In its digital ads, the group noted that the Democrats cannot risk losing in 2024 if Biden decides to run. They also warned that he would not be able to secure the approval of the voters due to his unfavorable rating.

Although the group has not officially endorsed a potential presidential candidate, it has started to suggest that the Democrats are leaning toward choosing someone else over Biden.

The group's claims might not be entirely accurate. Biden's approval ratings have been continuously falling since last August, and they still haven't shown signs of recovering.

Despite the lack of a red wave, Biden's approval rating is still expected to continue falling. It's because of his policies, which have devastated the American people.

The group noted that its members are not allies of the White House. They are angry at Biden for failing to protect the voting rights of Americans, fight climate change, and address student debt.

Despite the group's disapproval rating, it is still not alone in calling for Biden to step down from the presidential race. If the left, radical left, and right groups want him to leave the race, then the chances of his removal are very high.

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