WATCH: Trump Answers Reporters, Popularity Rises Despite Witch Hunt

Former President Donald Trump is still garnering attention as rumors swirl about his chances of running for president in 2024. At a recent golf tournament in Virginia, Trump answered reporters’ questions about his potential run for office. Even with the recent announcement of Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign, Trump remained unfazed, saying he feels great about his 2024 chances.

DeSantis recently announced his campaign in a somewhat unorthodox manner – with the help of Elon Musk and moderated by tech entrepreneur David Sacks. Many criticize his announcement for his long, unexciting rants and softball questions. Trump took to Truth Social to mock DeSantis, saying his Red Button was inferior to his own and that he had spoken to Kim Jong Un, soon to become his friend.

With the legal distractions surrounding Trump, one would expect his popularity to decrease, but that’s not the case. Recent polls show that 47% of respondents expressed unwavering support for Trump, marking a 7% increase compared to previous surveys. In contrast, President Joe Biden trailed behind with only 40% backing his presidency.

As America approaches the 2024 presidential election, all eyes are on Trump as people eagerly wait to see whether he will run for the White House once again. With his continued support and confidence, the nation may see a familiar face in the Oval Office.

Source: Trending Politics

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