WEIRD! Florida Police Officer Captures Photo UFO Chasing Plane

Officer Charles Morose of the Florida police department was reportedly stunned when he saw a UFO flying away after he spotted it following an airplane. According to a report, the object flew away at a high speed as Morose was out on patrol.

The officer was watching a US Coast Guard plane as it flew overhead. As he looked up, he saw a strange object in the sky. He estimated that it was about the size of a small aircraft or a car.

It’s possible that Morose wasn’t the only one who spotted the UFO. He noted that the plane turned around to catch up to the object.

The police officer was stunned by the strange phenomenon, as it had been stationary in the sky for a long time. Suddenly, it disappeared. Morose noted that the object flew away at a speed of around 500 mph. Since the area where he was patrolling is populated with planes, the police officer is certain that the object was not a bird or drone.

Although he wasn’t a believer in UFOs, Morose noted that the object looked like a black rectangular object that was “hauling butt”. Fortunately, he was able to take a picture of the object.

An investigative journalist contacted the Coast Guard to try and find out what happened during the time that the officer was monitoring the object. They were told that there were no unusual incidents reported.

Written by Staff Reports

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