Bigfoot PROOF? Hiker’s Go-Pro Camera Captures Possible Cryptid on Film

Could it be possible that this hiker was being followed by the infamous Bigfoot and unknowingly caught the mythical creature on camera?

The user was hiking with a Go-Pro head camera and was enjoying a mid-day snack while sitting down. They didn't notice the creature in the background as they took out their backpack and ate some apple slices.

The camera was focused on the user's eye-line, and it would move with every movement of their head. This makes it hard for the sasquatch to catch in the background. There's a creature that looks like a bigfoot moving around in the background, as if it was watching the user.

According to Native American folklore, bigfoot is a friendly and shy neighbor. Some tribes have also created cave paintings of a family of these creatures.

Despite the lack of definitive proof regarding the existence of bigfoot, there are still plenty of anecdotal evidence that supports the possibility of this creature's existence. Hopefully, all those who are looking for proof will do so with the goal of helping a population that could survive.

Written by Staff Reports

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