White House Evasive on Hunter Biden Commutation Inquiry

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t give much information when asked about Hunter Biden’s recent conviction on gun charges and whether President Joe Biden would consider commuting his son’s sentence. Hunter Biden was found guilty on three felony gun charges, and President Biden stated that he would “accept” the trial outcome and would not pardon Hunter Biden.

When pressed about the possibility of commuting Hunter Biden’s sentence, Jean-Pierre referred back to the president’s statement and mentioned that she hadn’t talked to the president about it. She declined to discuss whether the president spent time with Hunter or other family members after the verdict or if he monitored the court proceedings live from the White House.

She also didn’t comment on whether the president had been informed of the verdict by a staff member. Jean-Pierre emphasized that the situation involves the president’s family and his love and support for his son, and she stated that she would stick to the president’s statement.

Overall, Jean-Pierre’s responses were limited and didn’t provide much insight into the potential actions the president might take regarding Hunter Biden’s conviction.

Written by Staff Reports

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