Pelosi Admits Security Failures in New January 6 Footage, Sparks Criticism of J6 Committee

Damning footage emerges of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for Capitol security failures on January 6, 2021. As a result, more attention has been drawn to the actions of the January 6 Select Committee. Law Professor Jonathan Turley criticized Pelosi and the committee for withholding the video footage from the public until recently.

According to Turley, if Pelosi had accepted National Guard support and installed fencing at the Capitol as had been done at the White House, the events of January 6 might have been prevented or at least more contained. He also expressed concern about the lack of balance on the committee, noting that it seemed to be biased against alternative explanations and defenses to critical issues raised in hearings. Turley highlighted the absence of opposing witnesses to contradict the committee’s narrative.

Furthermore, Turley pointed out the double standard of the left in response to security concerns. He referenced the Lafayette Square protests and the actions taken to control them, contrasting it with the lack of precautions on January 6. Turley also emphasized the media’s repeated false accounts of the Lafayette Park protests and the House Democratic leadership’s refusal to hold hearings with key witnesses before the riot.

The Subcommittee on Oversight and its chairman, Rep. Barry Loudermilk, have been vocal about the Pelosi admission. Loudermilk questioned why the Select Committee did not investigate the security failure that Pelosi took responsibility for. He criticized the committee for focusing on blaming Trump instead of examining the Capitol’s failures. Additionally, Loudermilk raised concerns about the committee’s spending and called for the truth to be revealed.

Rep. Jim Banks also highlighted Pelosi’s security failures and shared his and Rep. Jim Jordan’s initial selection to serve on the J6 committee. Banks indicated that Pelosi replaced them with members who would align with her narrative. He expressed relief that the truth was finally coming to light.

The footage of Pelosi’s admission has sparked criticism of the handling of the events of January 6 by both Pelosi and the select committee. The concerns raised point to a potential lack of balance and transparency in the committee’s investigation and the need for further examination of the security failures on that day.

Written by Staff Reports

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