Why Is Biden’s White House Hiding a Parkinson’s Specialist? What Are They Not Telling Us?

It seems the White House has found a new hobby: collecting experts. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s specialist, has been spotted lurking around the premises more frequently than the press secretary dodging tough questions. While the administration’s spin doctors are busy crafting their typical narratives, there’s reason to wonder what the real story is behind this curious new fixture.

Cannard’s expertise, no doubt, adds to the already brimming pool of “specialists” that the current administration loves to flaunt. But one has to ask, with all the pressing issues facing the country, why is a specialist in Parkinson’s disease becoming such a frequent guest? It’s almost as if the current administration is trying to hide something—or someone’s—tremors.

Let’s not forget how adept this administration is at waving one hand while slipping the card up the sleeve with the other. They say it’s all above board, just a simple consult. However, history tells us that when this team says “simple,” it’s anything but. The average Joe isn’t buying their slick PR stunts nor their ever-changing narratives.

With Kevin Cannard’s presence, one could speculate whether he’s there for some high-profile patient consultation, perhaps even within the halls of power. Or maybe it’s just another spectacle for the administration to distract from the latest disaster in governance they’ve cooked up. Either way, it’s yet another layer to the mystery that surrounds the inner workings of current leadership.

As always, the American people are left in the dark while the White House lights up their smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s deflecting from policy failures or cushioning a more personal issue, one thing is for sure: the official story, as usual, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Written by Staff Reports

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