Trump Predicts Stubborn Biden Won’t Exit 2024 Race Despite Democratic Woes

Donald Trump, with his usual flair for the direct, minced no words on Fox News when he predicted that President Joe Biden isn’t going anywhere. According to Trump, Biden’s ego is too big, and he’s too stubborn to bow out of the 2024 race, much to the dismay of jittery Democrats who are watching their hopes crumble faster than a cookie in milk. One might even assume that Biden plans to hang on to the Oval Office with the tenacity of a barnacle on a ship’s hull.

Biden’s debate performance on June 27 in Atlanta was nothing short of a trainwreck, and it seems the only people who didn’t notice were those with their heads buried in the sand. The debate was an eye-opener for anyone still clinging to the notion that Biden is sharp as ever. At 81, the president’s cognitive decline was palpable, leaving many in his party to second-guess his viability as their champion. In response, the White House spun a tale thicker than Joe’s favorite ice cream cone, insisting Biden was merely suffering from a case of the sniffles and a bit of jet lag.

Delusional or determined, Biden remains adamant about sticking around, much to the mortification of half his party and the delight of the Republicans. His unwavering stance has won him the lukewarm endorsement of figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Congressional Black Caucus, showing that even a faltering president can still rally some of his diehard cheerleaders. Yet, no amount of political spin can mask the skepticism emanating from the party’s more pragmatic members.

Trump laid out the grim options for Democrats itching to replace Biden. Essentially, they’re stuck with the man unless he willingly steps down, a scenario less likely than California passing a conservative tax cut. Trump noted that the 25th Amendment remains a technical but improbable method, considering the amount of political will and unity needed to make it happen. Should Biden surprise everyone and step aside, his trusty sidekick Kamala Harris stands ready to don the cape of the Democrats’ super-flop.

Meanwhile, as the symphony of Democratic disarray plays on, Trump is orchestrating a grand rally at Trump National Doral Miami. The presumptive Republican nominee remains unbothered, watching the opposition self-destruct from the comfort of his resort. Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, responded with their usual script, painting Trump as a liar and villain, a strategy that has yet to yield any promising returns.

It’s almost comical how predictable the DNC’s reaction has become. Trump is an “energy vampire” that feeds off their panic, and they continue to serve up the same reheated rhetoric that voters have long grown weary of. Instead of addressing their failing candidate, they’ve opted to throw more mud at Trump, hoping some of it will stick this time. Spoiler alert: it won’t. The stage is set for a 2024 showdown, and Trump seems more than ready to face Biden, or whoever else the Democrats throw into the ring. Game on.

Written by Staff Reports

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