WOW! Adam Kinzinger Throws GOP Under The Bus In Farewell Speech To Congress

Throughout his career in Congress, Congressman Adam Kinzinger consistently threw his own party under the proverbial bus. His farewell speech Thursday solidified his status as a traitor.

In his farewell speech, Congressman Adam Kinzinger took a shot at the Republican Party, saying that it is “bad” and that it is “not good for the country.” The Chicago Sun-Times quickly noted this and ran a story about it. Kinzinger’s attitude resulted in his downfall, as he had turned his back on his constituents who supported him for years.

According to Townhall, one of the main takeaways from Kinzinger’s speech was how bad the Republican Party is. He seemingly thought that it was a good takeaway, as he posted a headline on Twitter highlighting the article.

The article that highlighted Kinzinger’s farewell speech was entitled “In his farewell speech, Congressman Adam Kinzinger criticized the Republican Party for embracing lies and deceit.

The article highlighted Kinzinger’s statement about how he decided to sacrifice his political career to speak out against election denial and lies. He stated that he wanted to see the country in better shape when he started, but he could not do so in good conscience.

The article also highlighted Kinzinger’s controversial comments about the Republican Party. However, it failed to take into account how he made an insane comparison between the Republican Party and the Nazis.

Paul A Szyoula Tweeted “This is horribly offensive.”

Kinzinger’s farewell speech was also criticized by Michael Peterson, who stated that no reasonable person could compromise and compare the Oklahoma bombing to the J6 dust-up. He predicted that the media would lavish attention on him as a political contributor due to his controversial statements.

After serving in Congress for over 20 years, Congressman Adam Kinzinger officially resigned from the Republican Party on Thursday. He stated that he no longer belonged to the organization and that he would not be interested in the presidential race in 2024 if Donald Trump won.

Over the past couple of years, Kinzinger had been publicly criticizing the Republican Party. He had also allowed his behavior to define what it was to be a RINO. As a traitor, it is believed that Kinzinger was better off leaving the organization than staying in.

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