D.C. Working To DISBAR Rudy Giuliani For Defending Trump

The disciplinary counsel of the D.C. Bar recommended disbarment for Rudy Giuliani on Thursday after finding that he likely violated one of the organization's professional ethics rules during his efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania.

The D.C Bar's disciplinary committee will then recommend a specific penalty for the former New York City mayor. He is accused of violating various professional ethics rules.

Depending on the severity of the violation, the disciplinary committee can also recommend various penalties, such as disbarment or the suspension of his law license.

Phil Fox, the office's disciplinary counsel, argued that it was necessary for the former mayor to be disbarred due to his actions during the presidential election. He said that he tried to ignore the will of the voters and the US Constitution.

According to Fox, the former mayor had repeatedly claimed that there was a conspiracy behind the presidential election. He also noted that he was the leader of the conspiracy.

Fox had also investigated the former mayor's efforts to overturn the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania by filing lawsuits. He had hoped to get rid of hundreds of thousands of votes.

Last week, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani testified before the panel. He said that Donald Trump allowed him to testify as an individual after he had waived his attorney-client privilege. Among the other individuals who were involved in the matter were Bernard Cohen and Christina Bobb.

During his testimony, the former mayor argued that his actions were rushed due to the limited time that was allotted for the election challenges. Despite his lawyers' warnings, he continued to lash out at the findings of the panel.

Responding to the allegations, the former mayor called Fox's investigation a cheap and unethical attack. He noted that he believed there was a legitimate case regarding the presidential election.

He vowed to continue fighting Fox and other individuals he considered to be unethical. He said that he would put his work on the line against them. "To allow somebody to engage in that kind of personal attack, I consider an outrage.

In response to the allegations, his lawyers asked the committee to reprimand or issue a private warning to the former mayor. One of his lawyers, John Leventhal, criticized the committee for failing to provide specific details about the charges against the former mayor.

Both Fox and the former mayor are expected to submit their written responses to the committee before its final decision.

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Written by Staff Reports

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