WOW! Joe Biden Embarrasses Jill with SHAMEFUL Act

This week, Joe Biden embarrassed himself even further with another terrible gaffe. This time he embarrassed himself in front of everyone at the White House, and Jill Biden had no choice but to admit it. Even if this were the first time the First Lady had to do something like this, it would still be an awful situation.

Joe Biden zoned out and completely forgot how he was supposed to act, which is what he does best.

As reported by The Daily Wire. On Tuesday, Joe Biden was caught disregarding the standing ovation that was given to his wife, and he was called out for it.

Greg Price, a conservative consultant, posted a short video clip of the embarrassing situation on Twitter. He noted that Jill Biden herself drew attention to her husband's reluctance to stand after the ovation had died down.

After being introduced by Michelle Obama, Jill Biden received a standing ovation from the audience, which prompted Jill to comment, honestly, everyone stood except Joe. price11/status/1567582614936059904

On Tuesday, both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were present at the White House for the presentation of their official presidential portraits.

It was determined that Robert McCurdy would be the best person to portray the former president's likeness, and McCurdy already had Obama highly on his wish list of possible subjects when he made the decision.

McCurdy remarked, When this initiative came up, it was just wonderful because it saved us the hassle of having to ask him, during an interview for the "1600 Sessions" podcast produced by the White House Historical Association.

The painting of the former first lady, who was depicted wearing a blue dress and sitting on a sofa in the Red Room of the White House, was given to Sharon Sprung.

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