Yellen’s Inflation Fairy Tale: Biden’s Path to Ruin!

In a recent appearance before Congress, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proved once again why she is not to be trusted when it comes to the economy. Remember when she claimed that inflation was “transitory” back in 2021? Well, three years later, it seems like she’s still sticking to that fairy tale. How long does she think “transitory” actually is? Maybe she should consult a dictionary.

But that’s not all. Yellen had the audacity to assert that Joe Biden’s proposals would “guarantee that we are on a fiscally sustainable path.” Guarantee? Just like how inflation is transitory? We have seen how Biden’s reckless spending has led to skyrocketing prices and a crushing burden of debt. Yet Yellen expects us to believe that this is somehow fiscally sustainable. It’s a joke!

And let’s not forget how Biden is trying to bypass the Supreme Court’s decision on student debt. This man has no respect for the rule of law. He thinks he can do whatever he wants, while also claiming to be the savior of democracy. Give me a break.

But the most troubling part of Yellen’s testimony was her response to questions about surveilling Americans and China. When asked if financial institutions were instructed to search Americans’ legal transactions, she dodged the question multiple times. It’s concerning that she couldn’t give a straight answer. What are they trying to hide?

And then there’s her view on China. Yellen believes that encouraging investment in the Chinese economy is economically beneficial. Really, Janet? Most members of Congress disagree. We shouldn’t be using federal funds to support the Chinese economy. It’s outrageous and shows just how out of touch the Biden administration is.

It’s clear that Yellen and the Biden team are more interested in pushing their own agenda than in doing what’s best for the American people. We need to vote them out as soon as possible and put in leaders who actually care about fiscal responsibility and protecting our national interests. The future of our country depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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